Re: Naming pattern among Ashkenazic Jews #general

Jenny Schwartzberg

Re the naming pattern for Ashkenazi Jews, I have a question. My
family has assumed that my great-grandparents Schwartzberg's first
two children, Sam and Sara, born in Gniewoszow/Granica, Russia-Poland,
in the 1890s, were named for my great-grandmother's parents, since she
was an orphan and my great-grandfather's parents were still living at
that time.

They were pretty religious >from all accounts since they brought two
Torahs with them to the US and had a mikveh bath in the basement of
their home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Does the religiosity mean that they were more likely to have named for
the father's side of the family first?

Jenny Schwartzberg
Chicago, IL

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