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Dahn Cukier


At any time after 1950, the person would probably be buried in Jerusalem.
Mt of Olives, which is/was listed online. There is a group photographing
the graves. The index may be offset >from the actual photo by a few graves.
If the grave was destroyed by Jordan between 1948-1967. there may not
be records.

Sanhedria was very close to the ceasefire line and use was being
discontinued since 1948. A number of small cemeteries were opened and
closed. The grave were supposed to be moved to Har Hamenuchot, but not
all were moved.

The only way to find a Jerusalem grave is to call the 10+
burial societies (chavri kadisha).

There are 3 Ashkanazi and a general Jerusalem.

If a person has family elsewhere, they may be buried at a local cemetery.
Did the person have family outside Jerusalem? Remember that in those
years the trip to Jerusalem >from Lod was over 90 minutes

I once looked for a grave in Yavneh >from 1952. There is no listing of graves
from those years, so I walked around the small old Yavneh cemetery
until I found a grave marker with the first and father's name and a date.
There was no family name.

Please contact me off-list.

Searching and photography of graves by request is a hobby.
But I cannot get to Jerusalem, and I still have to get myself to Metulla.


Dahn Cukier

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