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Alyssa Ahriel Freeman tsiporah.shani@... wrote:
I narrowed it down to two ED's (one of the cross streets apparently didn't exist
back then)but having that information doesn't make searching the federal
censuses any easier. You can not search the federal census in NY by city (at
least not in 1900 or 1910) and there were thousands of people named Rosenthal
living in NY back then.
More than likely, the name of the cross street changed. See this part
of Steve Morse's site for info on street name changes to assist you in
finding the current street:

Rather than trying to search the census by name, locate the proper ED,
then, as I had indicated to you, click on the ED, which should bring up
an option to view the images on FamilySearch (as well as other sites).
You will then need to advance through the film to locate the proper
street and address. However, if you consult a map & try to imagine how
the census enumerator walked the ED, you should be able to locate the
proper image quickly. As a test, I randomly took a few Manhattan
addresses >from my own database & was able to locate each of them in 1900
& 1910 censuses in just a few minutes (and, coincidentally, saw a couple
of Rosenthals along the way

The 1905 NY census is only visible on Ancestry and I'm not a paid member of
Ancestry, so I can't access it.
Ancestry may be accessed for free at the Richmond Public Library (in person,
not online >from home) as well as the Richmond Family History Center
(5600 Monument Ave).

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