GOLDES, Jonathan Mark #general

Saul Issroff

Trying to trace any family members of Jonathan Mark GOLDES (died
Toronto on/about July13, 2018.

His parents: Muriel Dorothy GOLDES and Anton Abe GOLDES
Maiden Name: Muriel Dorothy LICHTBLOW
Born: December 29, 1922 in Edinburgh Scotland
Her Father: William Lichtblow
Her Mother: Lily Lichtblow

Anton Abe Goldes
Born: December 22, 1917 at Johannesburg, South Africa
His Father: Joseph Goldes

Anton and Muriel Baum married at Golders Green Synagogue (Middlesex)
on September 26, 1950. The Marriage Certificate gives her father as
William KERNER---**not** Lichtblow so maybe the name was changed.

Anton was in Radar section of SA forces WW2, then joined the Hagana
and was one of the founders o the radar service in Israel. Post war
went to Toronto. was an engineer.
Anton had two brothers in Bloemfontein, Isidore and Lenid (?Lionel).
both bachelors and at least one sister Lelava ( in archival record)
but probably known as Lena or Lizzie was married to a Sammy MEYERS and
lived in Pretoria (divorced). Son Bruce MEYERS was sent to school in
Bloemfontein. he would be in his late 70s now.

Johnathan GOLDES had a sister, Sally, spinster, deceased.

So, any information about any living relatives would be helpful.
Please reply privately to my email and not to Jewishgen

Saul Issroff

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