Re: Two sons with same Hebrew name? #general

Eva Lawrence

In response to posts >from Jeremy Schumann and Ralph Baer, I'd like to
mention that it's particularly in the course of Napoleonic name-taking
that I've found traditional Jewish naming customs disrupted - sons with
the same (official) given name as a living father in my case. I believe
that it was the result of a clash between French given-name customs and
the local Jewish ones. People would still use the familiar Jewish given
name in their everyday speech, but had to submit to taking an official
name acceptable to the French bureaucracy, and that would be the one
usually appearing in the civil records.

In Jeremy Schumann's case, he hasn't mentioned dates or places, so
that may not be what occurred. Since there was a space of 25 years
between the two births, isn't it possible that contact had been lost and
that the father, too thought that the elder son had died, or perhaps
there had been an angry family rift? Is Jeremy even sure that the
father was aware of the existence of the first son or, at least, of his
paternity? Any number of social situations might have resulted in this

Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

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