Re: Identify birthplace "Werche Volimer Gov"? #general

Roman Ravve

Hi David,

There is the town called Verkhivka
<> -
but it was located not in Volynia province (as probably has been
written in the document) but in Podolia. Maybe you have any other
location evidences?

Roman Ravve

On Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 12:46 AM David Brostoff davbro@... wrote:
I am trying to identify the birthplace of Dora (Scheine) FINKELSTEIN (ca.

Her 1907 passenger list gives Werche Volimer Gov (or perhaps Gav).

Gov seems be an abbreviation for gubernia but I can't find anything close to
Volimer in the list of Russian governates here:

Her naturalization petition gives Verhov, Rus., which I assume is the Werche
above, although I cannot locate it using the JewishGen Gazetteer, etc.

Other documents give only Russia.

Any ideas?

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