Re: Identify birthplace "Werche Volimer Gov"? #general

David Brostoff

On Dec 16, 2018, at 5:44 PM, Alan Shuchat ahs613@... wrote:
Volimer Gov. is probably Volyn Gubernia, also known as Volhynia, and is now
in Ukraine. . . . A Yiddish speaker might have said Voliner Gubernia.
On Dec 16, 2018, at 4:08 AM, Orit Lavi <orit.lavi.10@...> wrote:
The place of origin is most likely the village Werchy (Polish), in Vohlyn
Gubernia - now called Verkhi (Verkhy), Ukraine.
It is located north about 37 km north east of Kovel, close to Kamien Koszyrski
(now Kamen Kashirskiy, Ukraine).

While Werchy does not appear among the Jewish communities in Poland, Yad Vashem
lists over 50 records related to this place.
Thank you to everyone who sent me suggestions, both online and offline. I am very
grateful for all the help.

I think the two messages above, among others I received along similar lines, are
most likely to be correct.

David Brostoff

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