STERN & TIRNAUER from SatuMare (previously, Zenta, Serbia and Ilok, Croatia) #general

Moishe Miller


I have found what I believe is a g-g-g-uncle:

STERN Majer, talmud student, Zrinyi u.43, Ilok-Croatia
age 23, son of
Reiner Rozalia, Herman, old garment trader, Zenta

married (unknown year of marriage)

TIRNAUER Fani, Zrinyi u.46, Sztropko
age 22, daughter of
Gerendas Hani, Jakab, eggs dealer

This is listed in

Going to YadVashem, I do find a page for him (as Chaim Majer Stern):

I have two questions:
1. Does anyone know the STERN family >from Zenta, Serbia, and previously
from Ilok, Croatia (both in the former Austria-Hungarian empire)?
2. How can I find the submitter of the page, Majer's grandson:
Moshe Glickman >from Haifa, who in May 2003, was living at ** "ee-der" or
"ah-dear" (phonetically I think), 34752 postal code?

It seems >from other pages on YadVashem that Majer's family that
perished, as recorded by Mr. Glickman, included
Chaim Majer Stern
his wife, Feiga Stern nee Tirnauer with their son Avrohom
and other children, including
Shimon Asher Antshil
Devora Reizel
Yakov amd his wife Miriam (nee Laufer)

Thank you,
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

MODERATOR NOTE: Regarding item #2: we have a policy of not posting recent
addresses for people who are likely still living. Contact Moishe via email if
you can help him with his quest. He can provide the exact address.

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