The Pinkeltrager of Gut Miskowitz - Tabor Kreis #austria-czech

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Last night I wrote about the possible meaning of
Beunkel/Binkeltrager as a lower form of Hausierer or
pedlar: "Hence in Binkel or Buenkelgehen; Binkel is a
'hold-all' or carrier, so a Buenkelgeher must be the
same a Hausierer. Perhaps he collected rags etc as
opposed to selling items; the seller might have been
higher up the employment ladder!

The word has a pejorative meaning; I have come across
it recently in the phrase Binkel-Jude re immigration
of unwanted Soviet Jews into Austria".

I now have a possible confirmation of this view:

I had noticed that Gut Miskowitz, Tabor Kreis
[Mylskovice] with 32 Jewish families listed in the
1793 census had no fewer than 9 Pinkeltrager.
I have never seen such a cluster before!

Looking at Jiri Fiedler's book on the the Jewish
Sights of Bohemia and Moravia I read:

"The Jewish population increased at the turn of the
18th and 19th century after the arrival of Jewish
families >from Galicia."

So I conclude, perhaps incorrectly, that the
Pinkeltrager of Miskowitz were the bottom of the heap
ie the poor Galician Jews who had arrived and settled
in "town". The home-grown Bohemian pedlars were graced
with the superior word "Hausierer"!

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose!

Now to give the poor Galician? Pinkeltrager and
Bettel-manner [beggars] of Miskowitz their hour of
glory, I am delighted to record their names here for

Jacob GOTTLIEB; Dawid [sic] SCHWARZ; Michael
BARON; Benedikt KRAUS; Michal [sic] FRANKEL;
Israel DUBSKY; Benedikt KRASCHOPP; Jakob

Bettelmann [beggar]:Joseph SCHONBAUM

and in the neighbouring village of Raudna [Roudna]
also on Gut Miskowitz: Wolf, Kopplman [sic] & Leopold
GROSSLICHT. Leopold was a Bettelmann.

Any descendants out there?

Celia Male [UK]

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