February 3 Meeting Capital Region (Albany, NY) Jewish Genealogical Society #general

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The Capital Region Jewish Genealogical Society (CRJGS) will hold its
February 2019 meeting on Sunday February 3 >from 11 am to 12:30 pm in
Albany, NY. This meeting will be in a workshop format for members of
the public seeking hands-on assistance in conducting Jewish
genealogical research. Whether you are developing a family tree or
have a specific research task that needs help, bring your questions,
problems, brick walls and other challenges and we will do our best to
assist you. We will have several experienced researchers on hand who
have a wide array of experience using basic and advanced resources and
techniques, as well as "tricks of the trade," to help to move your
research forward. We are familiar with the use of free and paid
research resources (including social media) in the United States and
around the world. We can also show you how DNA test results can unlock
your family history and connect you with living family members.
Internet access will be available, so please bring your laptops,
tablets or other devices, as well as any documents you may have
questions about. For questions about CRJGS you can reach us at
crjgs1@... .

Susan Kugler
Vice President CRJGS

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