Was Rabbi Boruch Ber LEIBOWITZ From The Tribe Of Levy #general

Robert Tachna

Can anyone tell me if Rabbi Boruch Ber LEIBOWITZ, who lived >from 1862 -
November 17, 1939, was >from the tribe of Levy?  I am asking because my
oldest known ancestor who I have found >from my research was Boruch Ber
TACHNA who was a Levy. I am trying to see if there could be any way to
suppose if Rabbi Boruch Ber LEIBOWITZ could possibly be related to my family.

The surname LEIBOWITZ denotes that he was of the family of Leib or was a
descendant of a man named Leib.  My ancestor Boruch Ber TACHNA had many
grandchildren and great grandchildren who were named Leib.  I am
wondering if perhaps there may be a common ancestry. The TACHNA family
is >from the tribe of Levy and ascertaining if Rabbi Boruch Ber LEIBOWITZ
was a Levy could help discern the possibility of any common family relation.

Thank you,
Robert Tachna

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