online auction -- collection of Jewish genealogy books etc. #general

Renee Steinig

A collection of 324 Jewish genealogy books, journals, pamphlets,
documents, and other items, to be auctioned in Jerusalem on Feb. 13,
can be viewed online at .

Most of the items are in Hebrew, English, or German. Among them are
many published family histories and some genealogy classics (e.g.
Malcolm Stern's First American Jewish Families, Alexander Dietz's
Stammbuch der Frankfurten Juden, Berl Kagan's Sefer HaPrenumerantn).

The 17-page online catalog is searchable. Some of the family surnames
there: Alexander, Auerbach, Bamberger, Batkin, Behrend, Bing,
Bronfman, Dassa, Delfiner, Dwek, Eger, Fajfer, Feuchtwanger, Fischer,
Fisher, Franklin, Frankl, Franks, Goldschmit-Cassel, Gottschalk,
Gunzburg, Gurevich, Hochschild, Horowitz-Margareten, Joseph-David,
Kornfeld, Koschitzki, Kottek, Kulp, Lauterbach, Lehman, Levisohn,
Levy, Lowenthal, Mayer, Mendelssohn, Panigel, Peres, Posner, Samuel,
Sassoon, Strauss, Szold, Tenzer, Ticho, Toledano, Weill, Wexler,
Wurmbrand, Zweig.

The items are being sold individually, with online bidding possible.

Renee Steinig

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