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Steve Stein


In the case I was researching, which I wrote about in an Avotaynu article
about two years ago, the birth records were not in Bad Arolsen. Rather,
because the mother gave birth in a regular hospital, the birth certificate
was on file as any birth would be, with the municipal authorities. In my
case, the woman had gone >from the Foerenwald DP Camp in Wolfratshausen to
Munich to give birth, so it was actually known to the municipal authorities
in both cities. I suspect this would be the routine, as I don't think most
DP camps had their own birthing facilities.

As the previous responder indicated, privacy rules still apply. In my case,
I needed to get the immediate relative to send consent, as I was not.

The private website has a pretty good cross-reference to the
location of municipal records, by camp.

Steve Stein
Highland Park, New Jersey

the Birth Records >from 1945 on still underlie a retention period and
can't be "freely" viewed, but only by family members (has to be proved):
The retention period in Germany is as follows:for birth records 110 years,
marriage r. 80 years,death r. 30 years.
To research the DP Camp records my first try would be to contact the
International Tracing Services (ITS) in Bad Arolsen - they also have
files on the DP Camps and could possibly help directly or at least
locate the correct civil registry office:
What is the best place to look for birth records >from DP camps (German?)
Sheryl Stahl

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