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February 3 Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland Meeting Announcement
Russ Maurer, coordinator of the Vilnius Household Registers Project of the
Lithuanian-Jewish Special Interest Group (LitvakSIG), will recount the
events that led to the introduction of household registration to Vilnius a
century ago at the February 3 meeting of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland.

Maurer will explain how household registration worked, information which
provides the background necessary to understand these records along with the
unique insights they provide into information about Jews in Vilnius between
the world wars when Poland controlled areas located now in eastern Lithuania
and adjoining Belarus. Some 13,000 household registers contain millions of
lines of detailed data about Vilnius residents and visitors, many of whom
were Jewish. Maurer was the recipient of the Rabbi Malcolm Stern Grant on
behalf of LitvakSIG presented by the International Association of Jewish
Genealogical Societies at the 2018 conference held in Warsaw, Poland. This
year's IAJGS Conference will be held in Cleveland >from July 28 through August 2.

Submitted by Stewart Hoicowitz, 1st VP--Programming

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