Paternal grandmother not permitted to marry her husband in Poland #general

Dina Hill

Hello Everyone,

I am hoping someone can help me understand more why my paternal
grandmother Chaya APTEKAR could not marry my paternal grandfather
Lejzor KLAJNKOFMAN. A Rabbi married my paternal grandparents. My aunt
Raya told me the reason they couldn't marry civilly was that there was
a quota on Jewish marriages in Poland.

My grandmother was born in Modliszewice, Poland in December 1900. My
grandfather was born in Janow, Lubelski. My grandparents were
married around the year 1916. They had 4 children. Out of the 4
children, only the eldest was able to have my grandfather's last name
Klajnkofman. My aunt said that is because my grandfather registered
her for school. I don't get it. Why didn't he do that for the other

My dad is the youngest born February 1931 in Zdzilowice but when he
was four years old they moved to Lodz. The 4 children were:
Rifka Leah Klajnkofman born July 20, 1917
Eda Aptekar born May 1, 1925
Icek Aptekar born February 15, 1927 and my dad
Naftula Aptekar born February 26, 1931.

I have a document translated into English >from Poland.
Republic of Poland
Province of Lublin
District of Krasnik
Office of Vital Statistics in Krasnik

It's an excerpt >from the Register of Births. It states:
I certify that APTEKARZ NAFTULA son of the unwed Chaja APTEKARZ was
born in Zdzilowice on the twenty-second day of February, one thousand
nine hundred thirty-one, 1931.
Krasnik, June 30, 1950

It was translated in New York in 1957. My grandfather isn't even
mentioned. Is that unusual??? My dad used this as his birth
certificate. I just realized after all this time that we celebrate my
dad's birthday on the 26th of February. I'll have to ask him why when
I see him for his 88th birthday in a few weeks.

Can someone explain to me what was going on in Poland that my
grandparents couldn't marry legally and why was my eldest aunt able to
be a Klajnkofman but the other 3 were not???



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