Re: Meaning of weil/desl #general

Corinna Woehrl

Hello Sandy and fellow JewishGenners,

In addition to weil as because:
In old registers or documents the acronym "weil." is often used for "weiland"
meaning formerly or deceased. Perhaps you could hand in the document via Viewmate
to enable the correct interpretation.

desl.:could it also be the abbreveation "desgl." for "desgleichen"meaning likewise?

Regards >from Germany
Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar) D-22955 Hoisdorf (Hamburg/Luebeck)

Weil means because in German. It could denote cause of death.
Maybe someone out there knows what weil/desl on a death certificate means.
He was killed in the Shoah His last name was WEIHL.

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