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David Goldman

I would like to thank Phyllis Kramer for focusing my attention to
identifying the specific documents where the name of the mother is
identified as "PINE" or "JAFFE."
1) Marriage registration - Schedule B in Ontario in March 1901 corresponding
to his sister Rose (born in 1886) shows "L. Pine" for her mother. Rose was
2) On the registration of marriage for Rose's second marriage in 1908 in
Calgary Alberta the entry for her mother is "Leah Jaffe".
2) The "Schedule B" of registration of marriages in Ontario in 1901
corresponding to their sister Bella (born in 1876) the clerk entered the
name "Leah Jaffe" for her mother.
4) Both my great-grandfather (who married my great-grandmother in Zembin
White Russia) and sister Bella had a daughter who was named Lillian (my
grandmother born in 1899 in Zembin and Bella's daughter born in 1908 in
I suppose it is theoretically possible that between 1876 and 1886 their
father married a new wife who coincidentally had the name "L."/Leah (Pine)
as well, and that both Leahs died in time for two girls to carry their
names. However, given the fact that Rose had one registration with her first
husband in Ontario when she married at the age of 15 with Pine and the other
in Alberta at the age of 27 indicating Jaffe, and the fact that Bella's
indicated Jaffe, leads me to believe that "L. Pine" was some sort of
mistake, especially given her young age of marriage.
David Goldman

-----Original Message-----
I have found records >from Canada of my great-grandfather and his sister
referring to their mother as "Leah JAFFE," and another Canadian record of
their other sister referring to the mother as "L. PINE" back in Zembin,
Minsk Gubernia.
Now is it conceivable that the two names were interchangeable, i.e. that
"PINE" is "FINE/FEIN" in Yiddish, and JAFFE meaning beautiful or fine in
If so, why and under what circumstances would these names be used
interchangeably for the same person in Russia??

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