DANNENBERG descendants #general

Mark Michaels

I am looking to find the birth place of an Adolph Dannenberg I have a
photograph of Adolph with wife and two children.

All the information below is deduced >from census records but appear to
be for the correct Adolph Dannenberg.

b. 1868c who arrived in USA 1885 and was naturalised. Lived in Chicago, Cook; with
wife variously Amelia, Emilia and Emily. 2 children Milton b. 1898c and Sadie
b. 1896c.

Milton married either Bertha and had a son Robert or married Hazel and
had a son Jack b. 1929.

Sadie married Louis or Lewis Kahn and had a daughter Jean A Kahn.

My wife is descended >from Barnett Dannenberg in UK but we do not know
their place of origin: census entries give variously Russia, Poland
and Germany. UK family legend says Riga however that could well mean via Riga.


Mark J Michaels
Montgomery Wales

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