Abraham and Natan Lustig (Zev Schvitzer Part 2) #general

Debby Gincig Painter

Yesterday I posted looking for relatives of Zev Schvitzer in hopes to
find out more about my grand-uncles and their descendants. I have
learned that he and his wife had no children. So I will try again to
focus on my grand-uncles as this didn't work so well a few years ago.
I also received many questions/requests for more information on them
directly. I have a family webpage
where all information, records, documents, photos I have on the family
can be found. So here goes.

Parents: Jakub Lustig and Rifke Imhof(Also found as Rifke Fink)

Abraham Lustig b 15 July 1902 in Limanova/Nowy Sacz, Poland. d. before
1971 in Ashkelon, Israel. He was sent to a Siberian work camp 1940-1941.
Family lore says he stayed in Russia after Russia joins the allies.
After war, he went back to Poland and then to Israel. His wife, Ruchel
Itte Kempler died in Nowy Sacz in 1942. They married 30 July 1926 and
had a son Moses. Moses also moved to Ashkelon, Israel. (Record online.)

In 1971 my Aunt went to Israel and met with Moses in Ashkelon. There was
no contact after than. Don't know why. It is not possible to talk with
her about this any more. (Picture w/Aunt online.)

Natan Lustig b. 1906 in Labowa or Nowy Sacz and died about 1970-71 in
Askelon, Israel. He too had been sent to Siberia. Like his brother,
stays in Russia and returns to Poland to find his wife and daughter had
perished in one of the camps (don't know which). He later remarried a
woman with a daughter. Don't know when. In 1963 my Aunt's mother-in-law
tracked him down in Poland and he came to visit in Norristown,
Pennsylvania. He moved to Ashkelon a couple years later. Picture sent
to my Aunt about 1970. All this is on Natan, besides birth year, is
based on family lore. (Pictures of family, though poor quality online.)

My Grandfather left Poland for Germany to avoid the draft and stopped
contact with his family so they would not know where he was and thus
avoid any trouble with the military/government. He married Lea Elizabeth
"Liese" Klinger in Dortmund.

And lastly, there were 3 other sons who died in infancy: Ascher, Moses
and Isaac Leib. There might also have been a daughter Lola. I have a
picture and the memory of another Aunt having meet her as a small child
but that contradicts the no contact with family lore so unsure who she
really was.

Sorry about the length but tried to include as much as possible for
those that asked.

Here's hoping I finally can learn more.
Debby Painter

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