Recommendations for Belarus researcher #general

Natalie & Ernie Hartz

I have been looking for someone to research records in Belarus for my
grandparents and great-grandparents as I have been unsuccessful with the
Internet. A friend gave me the name of someone who did this work for him.

First question: Does anyone know the going rate for this kind of
professional research? I understand that Ancestry offers professional
services. Has anyone used the Ancestry professional services? Has anyone
had research done by Yuri Dorn? Is it safe to pay someone outside of the
country to do this?

I have been working on my family tree using many sources including JewishGen
for 25 years, and have found many, many sources of information >from ship's
manifests, naturalization, etc. but the one elusive part is my paternal
grandfather's parents, etc. in what is now Belarus. Their names were Isaac
(Itzhak) and Celia???

Inspired by my father's efforts (without the internet) back in the early
1990's, I have been an avid searcher in continuing his work with locating
family here in the U.S., but am now running out of energy to do this myself.
My brother has been tested with FTDNA and I have tested with Ancestry and
both raw files have been downloaded and uploaded to Gedmatch/Genesis, but
any matches besides my brother, his daughter, and known first or second
cousins do not have any paper connections as I have no records prior to 1904
when my grandfather arrived in the U.S. so although DNA has been helpful
with my maternal side of the family and my paternal grandmother's side of
the family, I am stumped with my paternal grandfather's branch and wish to
explore professional services to assist me.

Your feedback on hiring a professional researcher would be greatly

Natalie Hartz
East Windsor. NJ
Researching many names, but in this case: BERKOWSKY >from Delyatiche Belarus

MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately. Answers to some of Natalie's
questions can be found in the JewishGen InfoFiles linked at

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