YOFFE - Pumpenai, Lithuania #general

Jules Feldman

It seems that my maternal great grandfather, Woolf Velvel KAGAN of Pumpenai
Lithuania, had a sister Peshe Mindel who in 1879 married in Pumpenai to
Moshe Leib, son of Sora and Binyamin Hirsh YOFFE, as his second wife.
They had 8 children all born in Pumpenai:

Yokel Shlomo b. 1882
Abram Perets 1883
Vittel 1885
Yisrael Shmerel 1886
Chaya 1888
Sora 1894
Ita Mere 1897
Efroim Getsel 1898

Information about descendants will be welcome. Please reply privately

Jules Feldman
Kibbutz Yizreel

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