Requesting research help in New Haven, Connecticut #general



I've hit a brick wall regarding the MANDELSTEIN/MENDELSTEIN family in New
Haven. I found a manifest for an Abraham Mandelstam who arrived in New York
City on September 7, 1882 aboard the SS Pennsylvania. Unfortunately manifests
that far back didn't indicate town of origin or last residence.

I'd like to find out if the New Haven Mandelsteins (Abraham, Jacob, Mandel,
Nathan) are related to mine >from Starokonstantinov, Ukraine. Since this
surname isn't that common, I'm theorizing that all the people with that name
who lived in that town are relatives of mine.

Is there a New Haven-based Genner who'd be willing to help me? Thanks.

Evan Fishman
researching Mandelstein/Mendelstein and other variants >from Starokonstantinov,

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