New Tool For New York City (Manhattan) Naturalization Records #general

A. E. Jordan

Just noticed that FamilySearch appears to have completed and turned on last
week an index for the New York County Naturalization records. They also have
the images and now you can find them with a name search.

New York County is specifically the naturalizations done in Manhattan at the
State level court.

In New York City there were State courts in each borough as well as two
Federal courts where anyone could naturalize. There was no specific residency
requirement so they could go to which ever court was most accessible. In the
Federal court the Southern District was in Manhattan and the Eastern District
was in Brooklyn,

There are a variety of indexes for New York City naturalizations including
Ancestry, FamilySearch, Fold3 and the Italian/German gen groups. All of these
might help you search out which court you need to be focused on.

This new database is very helpful because it has both a name index and it links
to the images where as Ancestry only has an index for New York County.

Happy searching.

Allan Jordan

You will need a free FamilySearch account to access the records.

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