Re; (US- California) New York Times Now Free in All 1,200 California Public Libraries #general

Sal & Ellen Barbieri <elsal@...>

Just an addition:
You can use New York Times >from home by going to your public library website
& entering your library card #. I've done this for years in San Diego.
Before phones, people put short notices in NYT announcing engagements, bris,
unveilings, 20th anniversary of a death, graduations & much more.

I could never find my grandmother's wedding announcement although her 7
sisters had them in NYT. Searching husband of an aunt, my grandparent's
wedding announcement came up as aunt's husband was in wedding party.
Reason: Father of bride Mr. B. Simon, bride Miss E. Simon marrying Mr. H. M.
Goldberg, no first names. Long story about all details of wedding at
Carnegie Hall. So keep looking.

Ellen Barbieri- Researcher 8682
San Diego CA
Researching: Zyman/Simon, Kanowicz, Kaplan, Goldberg

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