Re: Missing manifest page #general

A. E. Jordan

Sherri's original question was if the books like Russians to America
might be an alternate source. I responded to her privately saying
they were an index of the lists and not a full transcription.

The cards Joel points out (and those of us that started doing this
research in the days of microfilm before the Internet remember) are a
good source as they are another index option. Those cards are how I
first discovered my great grandmother's arrival in America.

What I also suggested to Sherri was first to go page by page online
to make sure it was not out of order or some such error. We all know
the various errors in transcription that could make the indexing a
problem plus so many other issues that could make the jump >from the
detained list into the main list a real problem. I am sure I am not
alone in having encountered this problem many times but the good news
is almost always the page is there.

What I am not sure is if pages like Ancestry and FamilySearch did
their own conversion/digitization >from the original microfilm or if
they all used a common source file. That might mean checking another
online source or going to NARA's own site might be worth while. What
I suggested to be certain the page was lost was to go backwards one
step to the actual microfilm which NARA still holds (plus some
libraries such as the NYPL) to make sure the problem also was not in
the conversion >from the microfilm to the Internet. As Joel points out
NARA scrapped the actually lists after microfilming them so the
microfilms are as close as we can get to the original lists today.

The Holland America lists of course are a good alternative as they
show who got on the ship in Holland. In addition to being at the LDS
those lists are in a number of major repositories like the NY Public
and the Boston libraries. Since Sherri knows the ship and the date it
should be easy but remember the ship left Holland about 10 days before
it got to America.

Hope that adds a few more ideas for anyone else encountering a similar

Allan Jordan

---Original Message---
From: Joel Weintraub

Sherri a few days ago posted that she was looking at the manifest of the SS
Rotterdam departed Rotterdam 27 Nov 1902 arriving at Ellis Island.

First, as far as I know, there is only one copy of the Ellis Island
manifests for this voyage, the filmed copy. ,,,

During the late 1930s/early 1940s the Work Progress Administration
(WPA) indexed the passengers on the Ellis Island manifests ***directly***
from the manifests, not >from scans of the films as the more recent indexes

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