MyHeritage Announces New Technology at RootsTech: "Theory of Family Relativity" and AutoClusters #general

Jan Meisels Allen

This week is RootsTech in Salt Lake City, Utah. Unfortunately I was not able
to attend-yet major announcements are made at each RootsTech conference. The
following about MyHeritage's new features are gleaned their blog

The MyHeritage new technology, Theory of Family Relativity takes family
trees >from both MyHeritage and the World Family Tree on Geni, and the
single family tree of FamilySearch (under license to MyHeritage) 10 billion
historical records, other databases and DNA tests on their site to help
explain DNA connections. Their Theory of Family Relativity is based on a big
data graph connecting billions of data points >from the thousands of
databases on MyHeritage. The connections between people and records are
established by MyHeritage's matching technologies. This new technology
constructs the most plausible theories explaining how pairs of people linked
by a DNA Match on MyHeritage are related, using family trees and historical

To use this new technology one must have a DNA test on MyHeritage. The
Theory of Family RelativityT feature is included for free with subscriptions
on MyHeritage. Individuals who upload their raw DNA data >from other testing
services to MyHeritage who do not have a subscription can pay a one-time fee
of $29 per DNA kit to unlock the Theory of Family RelativityT and the full
range of advanced DNA features offered by MyHeritage.

To read the press release see:
Original url:

A second new technology by MyHeritage is "AutoClusters" . It groups together
DNA Matches that likely descend >from common ancestors in a visual chart.
AutoClusters organizes your MyHeritage DNA Matches into shared match
clusters that likely descended >from common ancestors. By reviewing family
trees of clustered matches, users can piece together the entire branch.
Clusters are color-coded for convenience and are presented in a visual
chart, as well as in list format. Each of the colored cells in a cluster
represents an intersection between two of your matches, meaning that both
individuals match each other (in addition to matching you).

To read more about AutoClusters see the MyHeritage blog at:

On Friday at 1:30PM Mountain Time MyHeritage will have a RootsTech live
stream on Getting The Most out of Billions of Records on MyHeritage (Super
Search) where their new technology will probably be discussed. The live
stream is free and may be accessed at: Click on
the arrow in the center of the page you will be prompted to fill in your
name, email address and zipcode and then just watch.

I have no affiliation with MyHeritage and am posting this solely for the
information of the reader.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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