Weiniger, Weininger #general

Traude Triebel

Wilhelm Weininger, born 1836 in Misslitz (parents unknown) was married to
Sali Gruenwald, parents and date of birth unknown, at least 2 girls, Fani
born 1866 and Karolina born 1865,all in the birth book Misslitz. 2.wife to
Wilhelm: Lampel Juli >from Eisgrub, daughter Mina born 1868 and son Josef
born 1869. 3. wife: Rosalie Schweinburg, ( born 1848 in Pohrlitz) son Hugo
was born1887 in Saitz, district Auspitz. Wilhelm was merchant in Saitz, died
in Vienna 1917 and is buried with his last wife Rosalie Schweinburg. Mina
Weininger married 1895 in Vienna Josef Beck, Hugo married 1920 also in
Vienna Margaretha Vondrak. any clue to the family? parents to Wilhelm
Weininger or Sali, nee Gruenwald or the children >from the first marriage?

Traude Triebel
A- Wr.Neustadt

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