How do I prove my origin to get a Polish passport ? SCHECHTER from Rohatyn #general

Alberto Guido Chester

Dear Genners

After decades of research, I have been able to trace my family back
into well known rabbinical dinasties.

However, in my desire to obtain a Polish passport, I lack the
documents to prove my father was a Polish citizen in 1922 when
emigrated to Argentina.

Please read on if you think this could be of interest or help.

My great grandfather Shlomo Schechter was the shochet of Rohatyn until
his death in 1910.

His job was continued by my grandfather Moshe David Schechter until
his death in 1929.

Moshe David Schechter (b. Rohatyn 1875) was married to Sara Schorr ( a
direct descendant of Rabbi Jabob Yeoshua Falk, Pnei Yeoshua) She
perished in the Shoah about 1942.

Their children were

Esther (b. 1896 in Brzezany and died young)
Samuel Munisch (b.1898 in Brzezany and died 1960 in Buenos Aires)
Isaac Aron (b.1899 in Brzezany and died in Israel)
Pearl (b. 1902 in Brzezany and killed in the Shoah about 1942)
Blima (b.1906 in Brzozdowce and killed in the Shoah about 1942)
Uri or Ire ( b. 1906 in Brzozdowce and died 1991 in Buenos Aires)
Shlomele (b. about 1922 in Rohatyn and died in the Shoah about 1942)
Branche (died in Israel)
Hersh (died in the Shoah about 1942)
Rachel (died in the Shoah about 1942)

My father was Uri and he migrated to Argentina in 1922. The surname
Schechter turned into Chester which is more easy for the Spanish

FACTS: Uri became a citizen of Argentina about 1949. His
naturallization file is not in the Judge's archive.Uri's birth act and
those of his younger brothers and sisters are NOT registered in the
Polish archives . Although those of the older brothers and sisters,
are in JRI Poland. The Police headquarters in Argentina (which
authorized ID and passports until 1990s) does not have Polish info on
my father's birth. A private researcher in Ukraine has not been able
to find my father's passport issuance in their archives. Besides, he
did not find any school register for my father, although I know he did
attend school until his coming to Argentina by the age of 16. I have
tried the Polish embassy in Buenos Aires and they told me they do not
keep records of Polish citizens who came to Argentina in those times.
A well known agency helping to get Polish passports told me if I could
prove my father lived in Poland in 1922, I could get a Passport. But I
do not find how to prove it, except for his telling. The book of
arrivals at Buenos Aires harbour for 1922 (and other yearsI is
definitely lost. The Orania ship which took him here belonged to Royal
Holland Lloyd (no passenger lists >from the company). He is not among
the very few passenger lists I could get hold of in Internet sites. By
the way, he embarked in Cherbourg, France.

I have walked every avenue I could think of.

Please feel free to advise me !

Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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