Henry Marcus the 19th C travel entrepreneur #general

Jonathan Myers <jmyers31@...>

I am doing research into the role of Jewish people in the development
of the railways, particularly in the mid 19th C, though not
exclusively. I have come across a man by the name of Henry Marcus, now
a little known individual but at the time well known for the
excursions he ran. He was a rival of the now well-known Thomas Cook
(who founded the travel business still in existence).

The name Marcus suggests he might have been Jewish and I would like to
determine if this is so. He was running excursions around England,
coming to major prominence in the 1850s. He was based in Liverpool.

Genealogy is not my field so I would appreciate any information about
this man concerning his Jewish identity, if it is there. Or pointing
me in the right direction to find this out.


Dr Jonathan Myers

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