Town Research Projects #general

Tony Hausner

Our Skala Research Group is pursuing several projects that we would appreciate

1) Several people in our Skala Research Group will be visiting Skala Podolskaya
(Eastern Galicia) this summer. I am suggesting that they talk with folks there
who were alive at the time of the holocaust and ask them what happened.What
questions do you suggest we ask and any other advice on how to interview them, how
to approach them, etc.

2) The cemetery wall that was built by the Skala Benevolent Society in 1998 has
deteriorated. We are checking to see if it has stabilized or continues to
deteriorate. If it needs further work, what suggestions do you have for dealing
with this. Make patches to the wall, replace wall, put up iron posts which some
towns have done, etc.

3) We want to interview of few of the members of our group who were born in Skala
and survived the holocaust. Welcome suggestions on interview questionnaires.

4) We have many files of data, etc. We do not want to put all of that on our town
website, but perhaps a link to another website. Right now we have on the google
drive of one of our members. members. What do you suggest as a more general site.
We could create a google drive for our town or a dropbox site.

5) Sharing family trees.We would like to share family trees and DNA results
privately and not publicly. Suggestions.

Tony Hausner Silver Spring, MD 20901 (primary email address:

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