Ponsowy Family from Kaluszyn #general

ingrid rockberger

Dear All

I have recently found more information about my paternal grandmother about whom
the family knew very little. So this is an attempt to maybe find some descendants
of her siblings. My grandparents were already in England in the early 1900s.
Whereas most of my gfather's family also came to England, my grandmother had no
relatives in England.

Her name was Chaya Tzivia Ponsowa >from Kaluszyn, born in 1881. Her family is also
listed under Ponsowy >from Kaluszyn. Her parents were Perec Ponsowy and Rifka

Family lore has it that she had 4 brothers who maybe went to the States.

I have obtained some of the vital records and am in the process of obtaining
others. So far, I have evidence of one brother Judka, born 1868.

So, if anyone whose ancestors are >from Kaluszyn think they have any connection to
this family, I would love to hear >from you.

Ingrid Rockberger

Co- Chair, Sharon Branch
Israel Genealogy Research Association

Researching: ROCHVERGER:Lowicz and Lodz,Poland, KONIARSKI:Zloczew, Poland,
LAJZEROWICZ:Lututow, Poland, MONKA: Sokolow Podlaski, Poland, SCZNAJDER, Kozow
Lacki, Poland, PONSOWA/PONSOWY, Kaluszyn, Poland.

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