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Bruce Drake

Jewish life hundred years ago in Korczyn >from the Yizkor book of
Korczyna in the southeast tip of Poland, is a wonderful compendium of
details about life in this mostly Hasidic community which had a
population of about 1,000 in 1900. You learn how the men and women
dressed (a married man always wore a streimel, or fur hat, and married
women had their heads shaved and wore a kerchief); what people did for
the sick; and how the Sabbath was observed. Parental respect has its
own section of the chapter: In those days, the father was the
patriarch of the family in all respects and his word was law.There
is much to say about the rituals of marriage >from the work of the
matchmaker to the day before the wedding when the excited and
nervous bride and groom first met: Love did not exist in Korczyn a
100 years ago. If a marriage resulted as a result of love, the parents
would not divulge it for it was considered in poor taste.

Korczyn met the fate of the other Jewish communities during the
Holocaust. It is noted elsewhere in this book that With the end of
the war, 15 men and one woman survived the German occupation and 11
men and 6 woman survived in Russia the war. These are all the
survivors of the Jewish community of Korczyn.


Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD.

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

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