JGS Conejo Valley and Ventura County April 8 Program - Sarina Roffe #general

Jan Meisels Allen

The Jewish Genealogical Society of the Conejo Valley and Ventura County
(JGSCV) will meet "Monday", April 8, 2019 >from 7:00-9:00 PM at Temple Adat
Elohim 2420 E Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, California. This will be our
annual Sephardic program. Please note this is a different day of the week
than we usually meet and we will return to Sunday meetings in May


Branching Out >from Sepharad - Solving a Converso Mystery
Sarina Roffe, author of Branching Out >from Sepharad, outlines the history of
Jews in Spain, the 1492 expulsion, their history in Syria, and their
immigration to the Americas. She will discuss the ancestry and significance
of the Kassin rabbinic dynasty, which dates to the 12th century, and the
50-year leadership of Chief Rabbi Jacob S. Kassin, who led the Syrian Jewish
community in Brooklyn. At the same time, she solves a Converso mystery.
Rabbi Kassin's ancestors arrived in Aleppo in 1540. Sarina solves the
mystery of the time gap >from 1492 to 1540.

Sarina Roffe is a professional genealogist, editor of DOROT, and founder of
the Sephardic Heritage Project. She is responsible for the translation and
databasing of marriage and brit milah records on JewishGen. While on the
Board of Governors of JewishGen, she acquired several databases of Sephardic
records, including cemetery records >from Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, and
Argentina. She serves on the IAJGS Board of Directors and presents often at
IAJGS conferences and has completed over a dozen genealogies. She is
Co-chair of the Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative, the first
organization to document Brooklyn's Jewish past.

Schmoozing Corner
Our schmoozing corner with senior and founding member Hal Bookbinder will
begin at 6:30PM

Traveling Library
The traveling library with our A and C books, which includes our Sephardic
collection. A list of which books are included are listed on our website
http://www.jgscv.org/ under library and traveling.

For more information about JGSCV including directions to Temple Adat Elohim,
please see our website: www.jgscv.org

There is no charge to attend the meeting. Anyone may join JGSCV. Annual
dues are $25 for an individual and $30 for a family.

The Jewish Genealogical Society of the Conejo Valley and Ventura County is
dedicated to sharing genealogical information, techniques and research tools
with anyone interested in Jewish genealogy and family history.

Jan Meisels Allen
President, JGSCV

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