Locating medical school #general

John Anderson

I'm looking for some ideas on how to find out where a relative might
have attended medical school.

Emanuel HARRIS was my second cousin, twice removed. He was born in Sep
1871 in New York City although I cannot find any birth record so
indicating. He was the son of Isidor HARRIS (1844-1927) and Jeannette
ANSORGE/ANDERSON (1849-1912). Emanuel was the second of 7 children
(siblings were: Harry, Rosa, Bernard, Bertha, Esther and Leopold).

The family moved to Fall River, Massachusetts, and can be found there
in the 1880 census. Emanuel is there >from 1880-1940 in census records.
In 1899 he marries Mary Louise "Annie" BURKE (1873-1906), and they
have a daughter, Mildred (1900-?).

After his first wife dies, Emanuel remarries Sarah "Sadye" MEYERS,on
03 Jun 1925 in New York City. She was divorced >from Max BOTVIN whom
she had married in 1918. There are no children >from this second

Now, the question: we find Emanuel listed in the city directory for
Fall River in 1895 and 1896 and later listed as a physician (but not
as a member of the Massacusetts Medical Society); in 1894 he is listed
as a "student," so presumably not yet a doctor. Emanuel died 05 Jul
1951 in Fall River, and is buried there.

Where did he attend medical school? My cousin and I are also trying to
determine if he married anyone else or fathered another child with
someone else. Any suggestions will be helpful.

John Anderson,
Orlando, Florida

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