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Alexander Sharon

Belinda Dishon wrote:
I am researching my PECZENIK/KATZ families >from Snovichi...near Zloczow in
Galicia. I am looking for more detailed information about the place and also
would like to make contact with anyone else researching this small town.


Place's original Polish name used to be Snowicz in Zloczow district of
Tarnopol Province. Currently town name is known as Snovichi in Lviv Province.

This locality used to be a seat of the administrative division known as "gmina"
(commune) but in 1934 during large reorganization in Zloczow district it has lost
its central position by downgrading.

Town is listed in JGFF database under its Russian name Snovychi and as all other
Ukrainian based localities it will be eventually upgraded to current native
Ukrainian spelling name of Snovichi.

I came across this place (Snowicz) several years ago while researching Jewish
landowners in Eastern Galicia. Zygmunt Brenholtz name is included in 1904 listing
as landowner of Snowicz.

If one compares this person with listings in 1921 Poland Business Directory

where most probably his close relative Dr. Salomon Brenholz is listed as the
landowner (96 units morga), owner of grain mill, brewery and an alcohol distillery,
virtually main town employer.

Known demographic data for Snowicz:
Per 1900 census 1,691 residents, in agricultural portion of town: 123 people
including 32 Jews. Per 1921 census, total number of residents: 2,182, including 24
Jews, in the agricultural sector (i.e. folwark), 75 residents, including 19 Jews.

JRI_P database lists following number records associated with Snowicz:

Tarnopol: 135
Stanislawow: 2
Lwow: 7

There several records for researched by you surnames Katz and one record for

Hope this help

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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