Viewmate requests translations of Yiddish or Hebrew #general

Jeff Miller

I've posted the Yiddish message text >from the reverse (message side) of four
family picture postcards depicting a family member or members on the front
(featuring infants or young children) and message to be translated on the back.
Pictures for VM72903, VM72905, and VM72907 were taken at studios in New
York, probably in the 1920s or 1930s, probably of Fraider family members,
but possibly of Miller/Mlynarz family members.

What I know about the family is my grandmother Jennie (Shayndl) Fraider
married Mordechai/Mottel/Max Mlynarz/Miller >from Ostroleka Poland in New
York in November 1916.
My guess is the pictures are of known New York relatives of Jennie's.

The one exception is VM72906 which is a postcard featuring a husband, wife
and child, sending a message >from Ostroleka Poland to New York and my Max
Miller (Mordechai Mlynarz) grandfather and Jennie Fraider grandmother, so
would have been >from someone in Poland who was related to Mlynarz/Miller
[>from Poland] and could include surnames Berzinsky/Brzezinski/Burzynski,
Proginsky/Proginski, Shapowitz/Szapowicz, Kopytka, Cymerman/Zimmerman

Please respond via the form provided in the Viewmate application.
The text is on Viewmate at the following addresses...

Thank you very much.

Jeff Miller
Researching: Surnames related to Freider/Fraider [>from Ukraine] include
Siegel, Braslowsky, Trachtenbroit, Scheib, Zohn, Geller, Koenig, Rosenzweig,
Waltzer Surnames related to Mlynarz/Miller [>from Poland] include
Berzinsky/Brzezinski/Burzynski, Proginsky/Proginski, and
Shapowitz/Szapowicz, Kopytka, Cymerman/Zimmerman

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