Jewish ancestors from Rypin in Poland? #general

Arne Feuhrer <arne.fuehrer@...>

Dear JewishGen Discussion Group,

I have today registered at JewishGen in order to find out more about my family
history on my mother's side. I live in Germany and both my grandmother and my
mother are deceased. With the little information I have about my mother's
family, I have not been able to find out much via the databases of JewishGen.
But maybe this discussion group can help: My grandmother, Frieda Szymanski,
was born on 26 July 1925 in Gross Pulka in the district of Rippin (today:
Rypin) in what was then West Prussia and is now Poland and she grew up in
nearby Zduny. Her father, my great-grandfather, Emil Szymanski, was also born
in Gross Pulka (district of Rypin, now Poland) on 27 February 1888. Her
mother, my great-grandmother, Mathilde Maria Szymanski, nee Neitsch, was born
on 5 July 1899 in Polnisch Troschin (also now Poland). I am grateful for any
information that might help me to find out, if my mother's family may be of
Jewish ancestry.

Many thanks and best wishes -

Arne Fuehrer
E: arne.fuehrer@...

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