Hebrew Schools in Bethnal Green, London, England and the 1851 Religious Census #general

Charles Fuller <charles.fuller@...>


I have transcribed and published the 1841 census entries for the 2
Hebrew Schools in Bethnal Green, London, England. See the page

Whilst the image is clear, the census clerk's handwriting is very lazy
so it is possible that I have made some errors with the names. There are
Church of England baptisms for some of the children at the Episcopal
Jews' Chapel, so this might well be a list of those people who switched faiths.

1851 Religious Census:
Most people are aware of the census returns taken every 10 years in
England and Wales >from 1801 onwards (although very little has survived
from before 1841). What is not so well known is that in 1851 there was a
similar exercise carried out for places of religious worship.

For example, the Synagogue in Ipswich, Suffolk is recorded as being in
Rope Lane; erected before 1800; average attendance 10; signed by Moses
Levy (President) and Wolf Samuel (Secretary).

The returns are organised by Registration District, and they can be
downloaded free of charge >from The National Archives:
Go to the page https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/advanced-search
and specify HO129 (the HO refers to the Home Office) in the "Any of
these references" box. In the "Find words" section you can specify the
name of a county or of a registration district to limit the search.
The process behaves as if you were buying something but there's no cost
so there's no payment screen.

Charles Fuller.

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