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The first place to look would be the digitised records held by The
National Archives (the one based in Kew, Surrey, England). The page
gives a good introduction to the topic.
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The immediate place to look is described in section 4.1 "Outward
passenger lists, 1890-1960". These have been digitised and published on
the 3 major English* family history websites: Ancestry, FindMyPast, and
TheGenealogist. Note (*): By English, I mean pertaining to England and
Wales. Records for Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland have their
own Record Offices and repositories.

The UK lists also include non-UK passengers so it is possible you may
find references to travellers >from Germany, etc. - for example, some
ships started their voyages at Hamburg.

It is frequently possible to match the English "departures" list with
the corresponding "arrivals" in the destination country. If you can do
this, it is very worthwhile since you frequently get different
information - the lists were compiled separately.

Please note that a passenger may be identified only by the title
(Mr./Mrs.), or by initials, instead of the forename (the surname is
always there). This makes life trickier if you use Ancestry to search
for records since their search function can't easily cope with this.
Note also that the age field is frequently left blank. You also
occasionally get the crew listed after the passengers. The English lists
will give an intended port of disembarkation, so this should help.

Ancestry reckons there are over 23 million records in the UK collection.


Charles Fuller.

On 16/05/2019 18:43, Meron Lavie lavie@... wrote:
Where could I find passenger lists for the SS Gallia, 1896-1899? It usually
sailed >from the UK to Halifax, I believe.

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