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Charles Fuller <charles.fuller@...>


In case this helps list members who use Ancestry for research, the
website frequently omits 1 result >from whatever you are searching for.
This happens on the UK version of the site and I suspect that the same
problem affects all of the country versions.

Suppose you are searching using a specific collection/dataset and you
get 28 results. The first result on page 2 of the results always seems
to be omitted. You can get to see the "missing result" by changing the
number of results per page. For example, the default number of results
per page is 20, so the 21st. result will not appear. If you change the
results per page to 10, the 11th. result will not appear. By changing
the results per page setting to 10 or 50, you can scroll through the
results to find the missing item.

The problem is fully reproducible and I've finally received confirmation
from Ancestry that they will look at the problem.
Happy searching!

Charles Fuller.

MODERATOR NOTE: The Moderator tried what Charles suggested with three different
Ancestry databases in the Ancestry US version. Searching within the 1915 New
York State Census database, the issue was reproduced as described. However, in
searching both the marriages database and the military records database the
issue did not appear (i.e., checking at both 20 results per page and fifty
result per page did not locate any missing results). It may be that this
problem is specific to certain databases and not others. Please note, this
message is being posted for informational purposes only and not as a prompt for
further discussion.

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