Re: Passenger Lists for the SS Gallia - 1896-1899 #general

Bette Mas <bette.sscf@...>

Maron Lavie wrote: << Where could I find passenger lists for the SS
Gallia, 1896-1899? It usually sailed >from the UK to Halifax, I
believe. >>

Manifests for the SS Gallia arrivals in Canada are online in Ancestry
with the St Albans Lists.

National Archives Prologue Magazine
By Way of Canada - U.S. Records of Immigration Across the U.S.-Canadian Border,
1895-1954 (St. Albans Lists) Fall 2000, Vol. 32, No. 3 | Genealogy Notes
By Marian L. Smith
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In Ancestry under Immigration & Travel, the manifests are in the "U.S., Border
Crossings >from Canada to U.S. 1895-1960" database that includes St. Albans,
Vermont 1895-1954.
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Bette Stoop Mas

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