Suggestions/help regarding BELL (BELINKY) family in Chicago #general

Trudy Barch

Ben BELL was born March 5, 1880 in Russia. He was naturalized May 4, 1923 in
Chicago, Illinois as Boroch Belinky. The naturalization document (online)
says port of arrival July 16, 1908 **No** port name. The 1920 Chicago census
says Ben, his wife Ida J., and son were born in Russia. The other children
were born in Illinois. This Ida died in 1923 in Chicago.

In 1925 Ben married Ida B. who had children >from her previous marriage - all
born in Chicago.

The 1930 Chicago census says Robert was born in Illinois as does all other
documents. As an adult Robert applied for a birth certificate stating that
he was born in Chicago.

Question 1 - Did Ben immigrate with his wife and son? My guess yes.
Question 2 - Where can I find an immigration record for Ben, wife Ida J
and son Robert?
Question 3 - where can I find a marriage record for Ben and Ida J.? I
believe they married in Russia before coming to America. Not in Chicago.
Question 4 - where can I find birth and immigration information on Robert?
My guess he was born in late 1907 or early 1908 in Russia. Emigrated as an
infant causing the confusion where he was officially born.

Your assistance where I could look further would be greatly appreciated. I
use for my research. I have all the Chicago research and

Thank you to everyone who can guide me further. This has been my 'brick
wall' for years.

Trudy Barch currently Florida previously Chicago

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