Re: Suggestions/help regarding BELL (BELINKY) family in Chicago #general

Phyllis Kramer

Trudy asked about "Ben BELL was born March 5, 1880 in Russia...
naturalized May 4, 1923 in Chicago, Illinois as Boroch Belinky...The
says...arrival July 16, 1908 **No** port name. The 1920 Chicago
census says Ben, his wife Ida J., and son were born in Russia. The
other children were born in Illinois. This Ida died in 1923 in
Chicago.In 1925 Ben
married Ida B."

Question 1 - Did Ben immigrate with his wife and son? My guess yes
....I agree as the 1920 census says they both came >from Balkowitz,
Russia and that is substantiated by Ben's 1942 draft, claiming birth
in Borkowitz, Russia.

Question 2 - Where can I find an immigration record for Ben, wife Ida
J and son Robert?
...... Unfortunately there is no one database for manifests; you need
to try Ellis Island (use for New York, and the St
Albans list (>from Canada) and other ports (via Ancestry or
FamilySearch). I noticed a good possibility in NY, of Baruch, Chaja
and Ruwan coming in 1908 >from Parkovitz in Vitebsk (that is Belarus
today); still, looks promising. and Ruwan has a 1939 naturalization
notation which you could follow up and the closest person in the "old
country" is Schaje Belenky

Question 3 - where can I find a marriage record for Ben and Ida J.? I
believe they married in Russia before coming to America.
.....first you need to find the town of Borkowitz or Balkowitz. I
began with the JewishGen Community Pages;
I saw two possibilities (using the soundex and asking for towns in the
Russian Empire): One choice is Varkovychi, Ukraine, 5028/2558...200
miles W of Kyyiv...because the pronounciation in different languages
matches Borkowitz...especially Yiddish Varkovitchi. Then, considering
the manifest mentioned the town Parkovici
in Belarus, I used the JewishGen Gazetteer to find towns matching the
name near Vitebsk and found Borkovichi populated place 5540/2820,
which looks like a better bet....I would begin with the JGFF and add
your surname and town to this database, and look for others
researching the same surname in the area. When you search look for
Belinky (search in todays Belarus and use the soundex, as this surname
has morphed)

Question 4 - where can I find birth and immigration information on Robert?
...first step is to check what records exist for Borkovichi; go to (again, use the soundex); JRI-P doesnt seem to
have any records for this town. There is no Kehilalinks for the town.
You might try Google, and certainly try the Belarus Country Database
on JewishGen and the Belarus SIG. Perhaps you'll have more luck
researching the nearby town of Volyntsy 6.2 miles WNW of Borkovichi,
which has a community page on JewishGen.

hope this helps
Phyllis Kramer, New York City, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla
V.P.Education, JewishGen Inc:
family web site:

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