JewishGen Records Updates - Bessarabia #general

Nancy Siegel

Updates to the Bessarabia Collection is pleased to announce two new additions to the Bessarabia

The first database is "Moldovan Victims of Soviet Oppression 1941-1951."
The information in this database comes >from "Cartea Memoriei (Book of
Memory)" which details the Soviet oppression of its citizens of Moldova
from 1937-1991.
The book was developed by the National Museum of History of Moldova in
1999 >from sources in many archives and governmental offices throughout
Moldova. Of the more than 71,000 names listed in the book, 3,850 were
determined to be Jewish. The information on each person consists of
their name, town, birth year, family members and reason for expulsion.
The reason for expulsion also often tells where they were sent to
serve their sentence. While the books spans many decades, most of the
oppression actually occurred between 1941-1951. To learn more about
this database, please visit:
[MOD. NOTE: shortened URL - ]

The second database is "Surviving Jews in Bessarabia after WWII." This
database contains a list of Jews who survived the Holocaust and
returned to villages in Bessarabia. The information was constructed
in February 1946 by the Bessarabian Foundation of American Jews and
its affiliated organizations. It was intended to be the first in a
series of lists but no additional ones have been found. A total of
1782 names are found in this database and the information on them
consists of their names, town and sometimes address, age, occupation
and information on other family members. To learn more about this
database, please visit:

Special thank you to JewishGen Volunteer Terry Lasky (Ruidoso, New
Mexico, USA) for coordinating this project, and for making this
information accessible to the broader Jewish Genealogical community.

Nancy Siegel (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Communications Coordinator

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