Poles Who Have Difficulty Proving They Are Jewish #general


Dear all,

My name is Yasmine Lucas, and I am a PhD student in Anthropology at
the University of Toronto, focused on issues of identity, mass trauma,
and national history. I am conducting research on Poles who identify
as Jewish, or relate to Jewishness in some other way. In particular,
I am interested in how Poles who have discovered their Jewishness
later in life, and/or who have a difficult time proving that they are
Jewish, experience their Jewishness. My hope is that this study will
advance social science's understanding of the relationship between
identity on the one hand, and family and national history on the
other. Eventually, I hope for this understanding to affect popular
understandings of Jewishness in Poland, and abroad. As a Jew whose
grandparents survived the Holocaust in Poland, Jewish life here
interests me not only on an intellectual level, but also on a more
personal one.

Towards this end, I would be grateful if you, or anyone you know,
might have time to meet with me to speak about Jewish life in Poland,
and/or Jewish-identifying Poles who have difficulty proving that they
are Jewish? I will be in Poland between June 18th and July 17th.

Although portions of these conversations may be used in my written
work, I will not use people's names or anything else that might serve
to identify them. Any and all information that they provide will be
kept confidential.

Thank you for your help. Please feel free to contact me if you have
any questions.

Yours truly,

Yasmine Lucas, Toronto, Canada
PhD student, University of Toronto

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