NYC Records help #general

Steve Pickoltz

Help and or Guidance needed. Here goes.

In part, this is the info that that I sent to the Archives Center at the
Records Management Division for NYC.

I have a Birth Record #18810 dated May 21, 1893 for a male, no name PICKHOLTZ,
born at the Sloan Maternity Hospital in NYC. The father is only listed as
PICKHOLTZ, and the mother is listed as "Lena" PICKHOLTZ. (The new owners of
this hospital no longer have records going back that far.)

I also have a Death Cert. #20801, dated June 4, 1893, for a Israel PICKHOLTZ,
who died at the Hebrew Sheltering Arms, located at 210 Madison St., NYC. The
parents are listed as Jakiel and "Marie" Pickholtz. The child was said to be
14 days old at death.

If you notice, the mothers' names are different, but the time between birth
and death seem correct, so this could be the same person.

I am looking to prove this un-named PICKHOLTZ and the Israel PICKHOLTZ are one
in the same. This can only be done if the mothers are the same. This is the
only info I have been able to find on this (these) families. Can you help?

What I got >from the Archives Center was a form to fill out to get a "Birth
Record" at a cost of $15.00. I already have it as stated above in the letter
to them.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Steve Pickholtz
New Jersey

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