Dvora Malka (Dori) Labin of the area of Munkacz and Lupeni, Romania #general

Moishe Miller


I believe that Dvora Malka (Dori), wife of Alexander Labin, may be the
Dori Labin known to my family as a (half) sister to my g-gm, Tzirel
Schwimmer (born 1879 in Munkacz) who married Yitzchok Yurowitz.

If so, Dori passed away around 1917 in Lupeni, Romania. Does anyone know
if death records are available for Lupeni, Romania, and how to go about
requesting this one? Also, is there a cemetery in Lupeni, Romania that
has legible tombstones? I would want to see who her parents were.

-Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY

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