Re: Checking accuracy of translations #general

Alan Shuchat

Cathy Miller raises an interesting question about how to read the LDS
microfilms accessed >from the Litvak SIG records.

From: Cathy Miller <>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2019 07:49:10 +1200
VITEN, Girsh Eliyash ben Izrael son of Yosel 2270864 / 2

LVIA/1226/1/1309/649 1887 Panevezys Record #M71
When I look at the microfilm, Volume 1226/1/1309 starts at image
number # 314 but I cant find a reference to the last 3 digits (649) or
M71 means the 71st male record for that year and that town. The problem
is how to find the right page. 2270864 / 2 means item 2 in film #2270864.
(The digitized films have different film numbers, but clicking on 2270864
automatically brings you to the digitized version, which has number
#004221332.) As Cathy found, image #314 is the start of item 2. It takes
some work, but the Panevezys 1887 births start at image #628. There is an
index in Lithuanian (Latin script) for that year, and VITEN Girsh Eliyash
appears on image #631. The index says his actual birth record is #51 on
p. 274. The page numbers are written in the upper right corner of the
record book pages, and page 274 is on image #644. GIrsh is M51, not M71
(M71 is on #650 and is for a boy named Daniel Brezniker). The records are
in Russian and Hebrew.

The handwriting in the record is a little hard to read, but it says the
father, Izrael Yosefovich Viten is a soldier in the reserves and the
mother is Elka-Miraka[?] Gershkovna-Elyashovna. Her birth name was Blokh.
So the boy was named after his mother's father.

The second entry pertains to the marriage of a putative great great
uncle (brother of the above mentioned Tsalel/Calel/Izrael)
VITEN, Kashriel ben Yosel 2205137 / 2

LVIA/1226/1/1029/197/187 Marriage Record #2 1877 Birzai
When I look at the microfilm, Volume 1226/1/1029 seems to be in the
section that starts with 1226/1/1026 - 1226/1/1041 on image number 109
and 1877 seems to start at image number 160
Here #2205137 corresponds to the digital number #004221323. The marriage
book for 1877 in Birzai does start at #160. Record #2 is on image #161.
It is indeed for Kashriel' Ioselovich VITEN and Rivka Ioslovichova Kagan.
He is >from Vabalninkas (Vabol'niki in Russian, Vabolnik in Yiddish).
Their ages are listed as 22 and 18, respectively. This is echoed in the
Hebrew, where he is Kasriel ben Yosef and she is Sarah Rivka bat Yosef.

If the date of the marriage and the age of Kashriel (22) and his wife
(18) at the time of marriage are correct, then this conflicts with
other evidence that suggests they may have been about 10 years older
at the time. I have been wondering whether I am dealing with one
Kashriel or two. Since Kashriel ben Yosel is a rare name and Viten far
from common, it would help to check this transcription in case there
is a simple error that could explain this discrepancy.
Alan Shuchat
Newton, MA

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