Re: Research in Warsaw archives, and access to LDS films *not* digitized #general

David Oseas <doseas{nospam}@...>

On 5/31/2019 7:29 AM, Joel Weiner wrote:
2. I see in the LDS catalog that there are films listed as "Granite
Mountain Record Vault." How does one get to view those films not yet
on-line? Specifically, film 106421224.
DGS 106421224 is a digital image set that has not yet been made public
(see note at bottom of page: )

In general, for films that have not yet been digitized, you can put in a
digitization request under "Help > Contact Us" on the FamilySearch
website. However, your request is just an indication of interest in a
specific roll and is used to bump the priority of that roll up in the
queue -- I'm still waiting for 1 of 3 requests that I put in about 18
months ago.

Non-digitized films >from the Granite Mountain vault may be viewed in
person at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. You need to
submit a request to retrieve the film several days before visiting the
library. Details can be found here:

David Oseas

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