Help with Israel reverse telephone directory #general


I am trying to find a female relative who grew up in Russia but moved to
Israel. Another relative had contacted her in about 1991 or 1992 by
telephone. The woman's first name is Alla, and she was involved in the
medical profession. She lived in Haifa and her phone number was
048120393. She was born about 1941.

That phone number does not currently connect to her. Does anyone know
of a reverse telephone directory for the years 1991-1992 for Israel?
The current 411 reverse dierectory for Israel only does current phone
numbers. Or is there any other way to find this person? I do not have
a surname for this person. Her mother's maiden name was Zhirmunsky. I
do not know her maiden name, or her married name.

I have written to Bezeq for help in this matter but have so far not
recieved a reply.

Steven Sherman
Tenafly, NJ


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